The Far Setting Sun

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You may wish to contact us for various reasons:


Membership Enquiries - Always welcome, don't be shy or nervous, we all started the same way!!


Booking Enquiries - Whatever your event, if we are available we can support it! Drop us a line and we can discuss it!! If it is a short notice requirement, then we cannot always be there, but sometimes its possible, so do ask. We will then discuss what you can expect form us, and what we will expect from you.


We will attend events from talks to local groups, through all other combinations to major events. If you have an event organised then we can probably help you. You should be aware that we will usually need as much information as possible, and that we will need as much notice as possible to avoid disappointment.



Our charges are based on various elements - the type of event, distance, activities to be undertaken at the events and more, so there is never a standard quote.  We will always work with you to help you fit within a budget.  And we will NOT charge Schools full price and we try to avoid charging the Royal British Legion anything as they are the people we aim to portray.


School Project - If we can help we will - but we won't do your homework for you!! (this is aimed at students, schools should enquire about a booking)


General Enquiries - Just want to ask something? Click Here!