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Recently, The Far Setting Sun has lent some of its kit, equipment and expertise to a number of media projects.  The unit is usually very happy to help with Books, Films, Television and other forms of media.  We do however have limitations, like all groups.

If you think you may like to use our services, why not enquire and we can discuss your needs in detail.


Our charges for media are based on various elements, in the same way as Living History Events - the type of event, distance, activities to be undertaken at the events and more, so there is never a standard quote.  We will always work with you to help you fit within a budget that is in keeping with the project.


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 Past Successes (to name just a few)


Under One Flag: How Indigenous and Ethnic Peoples of the Commonwealth and British Empire Helped Great Britain Win World War II


Erica Myers-Davis


The Far Setting Sun is proud to have taken part in this landmark publication, honouring the contribution of the troops from the British Empire and Dominions during WW2.


It contains a profile of our highly regarded Honourary President, Major Neville Hogan MBE, forwards from Lance Corporal Johnson Beharry VC, Prince Harry & Prince Phillip.


This book was inspired by and written for the Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League who will receive a royalty from book sales.


·                 Paperback: 120 pages

·                 Publisher: Get Publishing Ltd; 1 edition (30 Nov 2009)

·                 ISBN-10: 0956391907

·                 ISBN-13: 978-0956391902


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“The Lost Patrol ...


Introducing Sgt Eric Gulston MM,  who led a five man recce patrol that encountered a large communist terrorist patrol. Out numbered and out gunned, Eric led his patrol in a game of cat and mouse into the jungle to shake them off his tail. This patrol only supposed to last four hours ended up lasting seven days. With no water, food or malaria tablets, all of Eric's patrol emerged safely out of the jungle seven days later. Several communist terrorists were killed. Sgt Eric Gulston was awarded the Military Medal in 1950 for bravery in the field. He died in June 09.”



(Images and text by permission of Way Out Productions 2009)


The Far Setting Sun provided some of its members for this filming, which proved to be an enjoyable experience for all.  The film is well worth watching, as is the interview with Eric Gulston MM.   Proceeds go to “Coldstream Kids” a charity which aims to support children of servicemen killed or seriously wounded in war.


Official "Lost Patrol" Site            Coldstream Kids Official Site


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