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Here are a few photo shots, representing some of the unit.   Our Photo Bucket Galley is updated after events, so why not follow the link at the bottom of the page.





A re-staging of a famous picture



The famous picture, showing Brigadier “Mad Mike” Calvert, briefing some officers at MOGAUNG.

Calvert at the time was the Brigadier commanding 77 Brigade, 3rd (Chindit) Indian Div.  But later

Went on to be a leading figure in the post war SAS.




A small group photo at Bushey Hall 2010.



On Watch for aircraft



On Watch for unruly soldiers…  The Regimental Police’s ever watchful eye.



65 years on, links to Japanese re-enactors are important. 

Hiroki “TaichoNakazato is a well travelled re-enactor,

often seen all over the globe at large living history shows.




Gavin Kruyer Photography


Gavin Kruyer, an award winning photographer took a photo shoot of us, and here are some of the excellent pictures his award winning eye caught!




“The scouts of column 44 advanced down the bank of the Chindwin




“The Chindits were weighed down with packs weighing in excess of 80lbs, and would march distances exceeding 30 miles per day on a regular basis”



“The American President, Franklin D. Roosevelt pledged American Support to the Chindits, and even raised an American Chindit Style Force, Trained by General Windgate himself.  Here we see a soldier part of 5307th Composite Force (Galahad Force), later known as Merrills Marauders”



“The men of the 1st Battalion of The Essex Regiment were regular army soldiers, and were veterans of campaigns earlier in the war, before they reached Burma.  Some like the RSM were veterans of small conflicts before the war itself, such as the 1936 revolt in Palastine.  Many had been to India before, with 2nd Battalion in the 30s, and some had fought in the Afridi & Redshirt Uprisings in 1930/1.  These were “Old Sweats” who had more than proved themselves before”



“The war in the far east has become known as the forgotten war….. it was no different in late 1943.  General Wingate was keen to publicise the war, and so  he staged photographic re-enactments of highlights of his campaign earlier in the year.  Here we see a Bren Light Machine gun in a position  The NCO in charge personally bringing ammunition to the “No 1”.  Prominent is the division symbol, largely removed on active service, but worn proudly in training… and of course for publicity photographs”



“Fires were not forbidden in the jungle, as many native villages were found throughout the jungle.  Here we see a briefing round the fire by the column commander, to the RSM and a Lance Corporal, who are to lead two patrols to gather intelligence and food from a small patrol of Japanese sighted nearby.  The Chindits took from the Japanese as frequently as they could.”


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Some Real Chindits…




“The Boss” as it were. 

Major-General Orde Charles Wingate DSO*

Pictured here in 1940 whilst in Abysinnia.



A Japanese Prisoner is taken to the local prison, after he has been captured by

 this Chindit, thought to be from Column 44 (1st Essex)



A Bofors Light AA Gun, at an outpost near “The White City”



The Chindits Old Comerades’ Association, Many important faces, All with a story to tell.  Of particular note is First Left, Major Neville Hogan MBE (Our Honourary President)



Major Neville Hogan MBE



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